Distance Learning Resource (DLR) series

Learn quickly using these all-new materials, with purpose-designed diagrams and charts (.pdf format). These modular learning resources are designed to address all levels of understanding, from general Geoscientists to Fluid / Petroleum Systems Analysts. They flow logically from one level to the next, covering different stages of ‘roll-up’ towards the eventual business application. If you find you’ve gone in at too high a level, you can backtrack to an earlier level; or just start at the beginning and work your way through! The chart below provides an example of the learning hierarchy for the Capillary Column Capacity workflow applied in a Trap evaluation, showing the modular nature and flow of the materials from basic components toward the eventual business application: in this case estimating the column height to be input to a volumetric calculation of the prospect of accumulation. Diagram 1 In some cases, the learning materials are supported by Petroleum System Tools as indicated by the ‘T’ in the chart above.