This !s Petroleum Systems - t!Ps™ – believes the Industry can find and produce more oil & gas and lower unit costs by basing decisions on a better understanding of how the Petroleum System works. t!Ps™ enables, advances and promotes Petroleum and Fluid Systems Analysis as core Geoscience skills, to benefit your E&P businesses. To do this t!Ps™ will:

  • Enable People - educate generalists, experts and leaders
  • Define Direction - identify technical gaps or weaknesses and develop new Tools
  • Deliver Results - perform Studies, both business and research

t!Ps™’ proposition is two-fold:

  • For the individual geoscientist – broaden your skills and help your team succeed in the increasingly tough exploration and production challenge by understanding the Petroleum and Fluid System better
  • For the E&P business - improve overall portfolio evaluation and opportunity selection by understanding how the Petroleum System controls Volume, Risk and Value in your opportunity set; focus time and money on the right Petroleum Systems problems

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