t!Ps™ Services are delivered face-to-face at your office or an off-site location, on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis:

  • Exclusive Consulting, Coaching & Advisory sessions or Classes, Clinics & Workshops arranged at your organization’s request
  • Non-exclusive Classes, Clinics or Workshops scheduled by t!Ps™

Consulting, Coaching and Advisory t!Ps™ can visit with individuals or groups in your organization on a consulting basis to deliver, participate in, or lead, projects; coach individuals or teams; or provide independent advice. Classes, Clinics & Workshops t!Ps™ strategy for face-to-face learning is to build a modular, linked series of Classes to be offered singly or in aggregate. From time to time, t!Ps™ will tactically offer Clinics and Workshops on problems of the day that occur to us, or arise from your feedback.