t!Ps™ Products are available for direct purchase online via the Shopping Cart or via your organizational procurement process. Items are priced as individual copies – multi-user deals for Tools or Distance Learning Resources are available on request. Petroleum System Study (PSS) series Topical reports, written on a speculative basis, contain fresh analysis of publically available data that are either relevant to basins / plays of the day; or serve as classic Petroleum System analogs. Basin-Processed Data (BPD) series t!Ps™ provides the compilations of data on which each of the Studies and Tools Products are based. See the evidence, or make your own interpretation! Petroleum System Tool (PST) series t!Ps™ aims to improve geoscience software through the development of new algorithms. They will be provided as standalone quick-look applications and, by arrangement with software vendors, may be licensed as modules. Distance Learning Resources (DLR) series Teach yourself at your own pace with these all-new modular learning materials, designed to teach generalist Geoscientists and Petroleum / Fluid Systems Analysts alike with purpose-designed diagrams and charts.